This is what you need to use CloudRail:

The CloudRail.Box (Hardware)

A CloudRail Subscription

See Pricing Below

CloudRail Subscription

The CloudRail pricing is always a combination of the hardware price for the CloudRail.Box and a subscription based on the number of sensors or actuators which are connected to the cloud via any CloudRail.Box (Sensor to Cloud Connections). The subscription covers the use of the management cloud as well as new features and updates for all connected CloudRail.Box devices and is mandatory.

What is included in the subscription?

    • Device Management Cloud to centrally monitor, manage and update all CloudRail.Box devices
    • Managed Edge Gateways (CloudRail.Box) to ensure a secure and reliable connection today and in future
    • Fast security and maintenance updates (remote firmware updates)
    • All upcoming features
    • All upcoming cloud services and platforms
    • An awesome technical support

Why a subscription?

  • Edge gateways are connected to the internet and thus require constant security updates
  • Cloud services will change or new ones become relevant which requires updates
  • Edge Gateways need to be managed centrally (Device Management Cloud covered by subscription)
  • Cloud platforms charge based on a subscription as well

If you prefer to buy a piece of hardware without any ongoing support, please do so. CloudRail is a professionally managed solution which can’t work without a subscription.

Sensor to Cloud Connections (without Edge Computing) Price per Month
1-3 Free
>3 2€ per Sensor & Month
Enterprise Plan? contact us
Sensor to Cloud Connections (using Edge Computing) Price per Month
1-3 Free
>3 3€ per Sensor & Month
Enterprise Plan? contact us

Optional Features

Optional Feature Price per Month
Multi Users with Rights Management 39€ per additional User & Month
Enterprise Support contact us

All prices excl. VAT.